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Journalism Tutorial

The following material is presented in outline form, which is understandably difficult to comprehend fully. The intent is to give a sense of the kind of material that needs to be conveyed to those who have had little or no professional training. Each outline laid the groundwork for a half-hour lecture with another half hour devoted to discussion and written exercises. A collaboration between Jack Driscoll, former Boston Globe Editor and Editor-in-Residence at the MIT Media Lab, and author-journalist Don Murray, a former English professor at the University of New Hampshire, produced the following instructional material:


One-minute Tutorials

by Jack Driscoll


Bite-Sized Tutorials

The following are especially intended for use by  pre-teen age groups.  They have been written by Jack Driscoll, who has been a journalist for more than 50 years, principally as a reporter and editor for 40 years at the Boston Globe where he was The Editor for 7 years.

By Jack Driscoll, Editor-in-Residence, MIT Media Lab


Tools & Techniques

by Ingeborg Endter